Meetings that WOW! But how?

Are you holding a meeting, team gathering, symposium, conference, or event?

Are you planning to brainstorm, reflect, generate ideas, discuss dilemma's, debate?

Do you want to do this with vibrant energy, a sense of humour, depth, and efficiency?

I can help you! 



'You made sure that even at the end of the day, everyone could close their laptops with a smile and full of energy, thank you!'

'I wish everyone an online session with you. Very cool how you can generate energy in a short amount of time, and how you get people to participate.'

'Thank you Anne de la Croix for creating a great team building - you are a true star in animating an online meeting!'


'Anne de la Croix is an excellent moderator who talks people through a programme in an original, creative, yet very professional way. Interestingly, Anne knows how to create a personal vibe in an online meeting. This is of great value in these times, when more and more presentations, discussions, and public interactions take place online.'