I am ... 

...  good with groups. I am able to get groups talking by combining curiosity, a sense of humour, an analytical eye, and creativity. I have a healthy and well trained sensor for group dynamics.

... a conversational pyromaniac. I like to enlighten reflective, inspiring, vibrant conversations in groups.

...  a fountain of ideas. I know how to to inspire. My toolbox of pedagogical tips and tricks is well stocked.

... fluent in Dutch ánd English. After much time abroad (study in Copenhagen, PhD in the UK), I can  smoothly navigate cultural and linguistic diversity in a group. 

Curriculum vitae in a nutshell

After studying Dutch and Linguistics, I became a secondary school teacher and organisor of the school theatre. After that I did a PhD in the UK. In the consequent years I taught medical students about communication and guided young students in their journey to becoming a doctor. I have also supported and taught teachers in higher education, dealing with questions about pedagogy and curriculum design.  In all these jobs I worked with groups, and I developed techniques to stimulate meaningful interaction in groups. 

Through teaching and training professionals, I have always continued to learn myself. I have a University Teaching Qualification at basic and senior level (Dutch BKO and SKO diplomas). I hold a PhD and work as an assistant professor in Medical Education at the Research in Education group,  Faculty of Medicine, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My topics are reflection and interaction in education, with my main fascination being the role of good and reflective conversations in the formation of a professional identity in the medical school curriculum. For a list of my publications and academic merits, please click here.