... are you leading a meeting in a team with difficult group dynamics?

... are you scared of speaking in public?

... are you not sure how to guide a discussion?

... does your speech or presentation feel a bit boring?

... are people always quiet when you ask them a question in a group?

... have you planned an event in which you need some interaction or creativity?

I can coach or advise you!

I can offer tools, tips, and tricks for vibrant and suprising team meetings. Your presentation, meeting, or event will benefit from my advice! I can help you think about meeting designs or ways to increase audience participation, dependent on the objectives you want to achieve. We can practice your skills together, so you have the confidence and preparation to do it yourself. 

A senior lecturer described my coaching as follows:

'You are a fantastic coach. Not only have you provided me with knowledge and skills, but you have also guided my development as a person, which is invaluable. You have such energy, positivity, and enthusiasm!'