I will facilitate or moderate your group discussion with energy, focus, creativity and sensitivity for group processes. In collaboration, we can find the right way to get participants in your groups to interact. Some examples of ways in which I can moderate meetings in small, medium, and large groups. 


Small groups: getting personal

Small groups offer the opportunity to really get close and personal - if people feel comfortable. I am experienced in achieving meaningful conversations in small groups. Even when people do not think there is anything to talk about, I can inspire and enlighten interaction. Want to talk about group dynamics, personal development, the future of your organisation? Whatever the topic, I can lead your small group to big insights. 


Medium groups: exploring differences 

In groups of 12 to roughly 40 people there is space to compare personal experiences to stories of others. By putting your own experiences in a wider perspective, people are invited to think in a different way about any issue you might want to discuss. In this picture, I transformed the room in a map of the world on which I invited people to chose a place. Medium groups are very suitable for physical exercises to stimulate interaction. People will leave the room with new ways of looking at old issues. 

Large groups: generate ideas 

'After the first few speakers, we need some action. Anne, can you do a brainstorm with 140 people? '

This is the kind of question that gets my creative juices flowing: getting 140 people involved in active conversation! When organising large group meetings, it is important to consider inclusivity: how do we prevent it becoming a conversation of only a few extroverts? The right meeting design will invite everyone to actively engage in thinking about big questions and tricky dilemmas. My Hivemind-sessions offer a creative and incredibly effective way to the room buzzing with ideas.