Good meetings are ...  

... reflective

By exploring differences in groups, people are confronted with different ways of thinking outside the status quo which might highlight a new arena of possible solutions to benefit your organisation. This starts with exploring ideas, experiences, opinions of all group members. I am an expert at stimulating reflection. Exploring one another's thoughts and experiences can - guided professionally - unlock novel insights, mutual understanding, and valuable ideas. By these kinds of reflections, you can get the most out of your meeting and give your organisation a real impulse for improvement. 

... inclusive

A group meeting is only successful when multiple people get the floor, and when people listen to each other. That means everyone needs to be involved, even those participants who are normally quiet or unheard. This requires a smart meeting design, combined with a safe atmosphere. A good moderator will always start with creating an open and safe environment, and clearly stating the goals and agenda of the meeting. This will make everyone feel welcome and prepared for what is to come. This includes rules and boundaries, which should be taken very seriously yet can be presented and discussed in a light and pleasant manner. 

... creative

Interaction is necessary to get the most out of your meeting. A sense of humour and creativity add some air and light to meetings, which might make conversations flow easier. By shaking up business as usual with out-of-the-box ways of working and talking, conversations can gather more depth and surprising insights. A moderator can use a multitude of tools: post-its, drawing, actors, music, physical exercises - there is always a tool to match your meeting goals. Result: time flies by, there is laughter, people leave the room energized and inspired. This meeting will not be forgotten! 

So ...

Curiously exploring different perspectives, therein lies the power (and the joy) of a good group conversation!

I can help you achieve reflective, inclusive and creative meetings at work.